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The Great Divide
A Solo Show Written & performed by Amy Crossman

About the Show

New Year’s Eve, 2013: Charli XCX blaring, sparkly perhaps too short dresses, cheap champagne in solo cups and the anxiety-provoking hope that someone on other side of the bathroom door might like you - you know… like like you. But everything is fine and under control and there are no drinking problems or panic attacks or things beyond the grasp of a recently-graduated-still-living-with -her parents-twenty-something-year old.  

A comedic exploration of what it is to love, lose, and choose life in the face of incalculable loss, The Great Divide is a darkly funny and heart-wrenching play starring writer/performer Amy Crossman and directed by Scott Ebersold.


“The Great Divide,” written and performed by Amy Crossman, is a comic, and heartbreaking tour de force...Ms. Crossman is a very engaging actress.  Her energy pours across the stage drawing the audience into her journey.... It is a performance to be relished...This is a play that is a joy to watch and to feel. - Macey Levin, Berkshire on Stage

"The last one-woman show that had the range of acting that Ms. Crossman displayed resulted in the Tony award. "
-Ronni Burns,

“...raw and transparent storytelling… a commitment to say out loud the thoughts some might never dare to bring up…. Crossman’s endless humility keeps you tight and doesn’t leave you to work through heavy material on your own." - Michael Keheller, Theatr

"Crossman’s humorous writing mocks the irony of everyday life, as well as her utterly relatable character and naturalistic performance…” - Barbare Sturua, Front Row Center


















Praise for The Great Divide

TGD Poster.png

Poster Art by Flavia Salama

Great Divide Press-450.jpeg
Great Divide Press-388.jpeg

Production Photo by Isaiah Tannenbaum

Production Photo by Isaiah Tannenbaum

Production History

Upcoming Summer 2024 - Chenango River Theatre in Greene, NY (tickets here!)

Spring 2024 - SoloFest at Bridge Street Theatre in Catskill, NY

Fall 2023 - HERE Arts Center, produced by Boomerang Theatre Company in New York, NY

Spring 2023 - Reading with Boomerang Theatre Company

Spring 2022 - Workshop at the New Works Series, produced by Emerging Artists Theatre

2019-2022 - Developed with Judy Gold at Primary Stages

Available for Booking - Pitch Deck Here

Sizzle Reel Here

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